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CUBA-EXCLUSIVO is a tourism agency for private holiday apartments, holiday homes in Cuba. For this purpose, CUBA-EXCLUSIVO operates its own platforms at , and , is connected to more than 90 of the largest international tourism portals and operates its own social media sites. Cuban owners of private houses can register their holiday accommodation here and market it worldwide with the help of CUBA-EXCLUSIVO.

Registration on the CUBA-EXCLUSIVO platforms and the affiliated global travel portals is free for the owner of accommodation in Cuba. The owner of the holiday accommodation does not incur any monthly fixed costs. A prerequisite for the successful activation of an accommodation in the systems of CUBA-EXCLUSIVO and the associated worldwide distribution channels is proof of official authorization for renting to foreign guests. A copy of the front and back of the permit is required and must be included as part of registration. After successful registration, the owner receives personal access to his website.

The room prices on are expressed in euros and include administration and tax costs, excluding money transfer costs. These are shown and billed separately for each booking per day and room. The owner of the holiday accommodation can set his own prices. In his personal access, the owner can set variable prices, for example for high or low season or special offers. In principle, the owner receives the price that was entered in the CUBA-EXCLUSIVO system during registration or the price set by the owner for the selected booking period, minus the transfer costs. If a booking period includes different prices, for example high or low season or special offers, the owner will receive the applicable price. The owner has the right, when setting the price of accommodation in advance, to add transfer costs of 2 euros per day per booking to the accommodation costs.

When booking, the owner receives the booking confirmation as a pdf document in the inbox of his personal account by e-mail on the day of the reservation. The confirmation details all the details of the guests and the services booked. When booking through any of the affiliated international platforms, guests must pay the full cost to the relevant platform in advance. CUBA-EXCLUSIVO collects the money after release from the accounts of the respective platform. On the day of arrival, the owner of CUBA-EXCLUSIVO receives the invoice as a pdf file by email in the inbox of his personal account. On the same day, the general agency of CUBA-EXCLUSIVO, Señora Miguelina Duarte, will transfer to the owner the accommodation costs and the additional services booked and paid for in advance by the guests, less the aforementioned transfer costs. For this purpose, the owner must provide valid bank details when registering the accommodation CUBA-EXCLUSIVO. If the owner wishes, CUBA-EXCLUSIVO will transfer the money to an MLC account on a dollar basis or to a foreign account owned by the owner on a euro basis. Transfers to US American accounts are not possible. Bank transfers can be made in dollars or euros to an account held by a person authorized by the owner. The owner's bank details are stored in the CUBA-EXCLUSIVO system and used exclusively for the agreed purpose.

The owner of the holiday accommodation is responsible for the correctness and completeness of the information he has given in the questionnaire. Pictures of the holiday accommodation must meet the quality requirements, be meaningful and of high quality, at least 2240 x 1680 pixels and in landscape format. At least 5 pictures are required of the house and the surroundings, at least 4 pictures of each room, plus bathroom. CUBA-EXCLUSIVO is not liable for incorrectly transmitted or missing information or for damage caused thereby. The owner expressly undertakes to keep his availability up to date. Damage due to non-updated availability and resulting cancellations are the responsibility of the owner. Violations of the general conditions can lead to temporary blocking of the accommodation for bookings or even the deletion of the accommodation in CUBA-EXCLUSIVO and the connected platforms.

CUBA-EXCLUSIVO uses several mechanisms to successfully market offers on affiliated holiday home portals such as, Airbnb, Expedia, casamundo, HomeAway, hometogo, e-domizil, check24 and more than 90 other platforms and social networks. If CUBA-EXCLUSIVO makes special offers on the affiliated tourism portals that affect the price per night per room, the owner of the holiday accommodation will continue to receive the price indicated at registration or that applicable for the booking period.

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