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CUBA EXCLUSIVO is a tourism agency for flats and private houses (cases) in Cuba for tourists from all over the world. For this purpose, Cuba Exclusivo operates its own platforms at , and, is connected to more than 70 of the largest international platforms and operates its own social media pages. Private homeowners can register their holiday accommodation here.

Registration on the Cuba Exclusivo platforms is free of charge for owners of accommodation in Cuba. Monthly fixed costs do not arise for the owner of the holiday accommodation. A requirement for the successful activation of an accommodation in the systems of Cuba Exclusivo and the connected, worldwide sales channels, is proof of official permission to rent to foreign guests. The proof can only be provided by presenting a government permit as part of the registration process. For this purpose, copies of the front and back of the permit are required and must be enclosed. The owner of the accommodation is responsible for the correctness of his information in the questionnaire. Cuba Exclusivo is not liable for incorrectly submitted data or for any damage caused as a result. Pictures of the holiday accommodation must meet the quality requirements and be in high quality of at least 1980 x 1080 pixels and in landscape format. At least 5 pictures of the house (casa) and the surroundings are required, at least 4 pictures of each room, plus bathroom.

The prices of the rooms on are shown in Euros and include the commission as well as administration costs and taxes. Basically, the owner receives the price entered in the Cuba Exclusivo system during registration. The owner is responsible for setting marketable prices. In case of a booking, the owner will receive the booking confirmation uploaded in his personal account by e-mail on the day of the reservation. The confirmation documents will include all details of the guests and the services booked. For bookings made through one of the interconnected international platforms, guests must pay the full cost in advance to the relevant platform. Cuba Exclusivo then collects the money from the platforms' accounts after it has been released by the administration. On the day of departure, the owner receives an invoice from Cuba Exclusivo by email, also uploaded to their personal account. On the same day, the general agency of Cuba Exclusivo, Señora Miguelina Duarte, transfers the money and the additional services, booked and already remitted by the guests, to the owners. For this purpose, the owner must provide Cuba Exclusivo with their valid bank details when registering the property. If the owner wishes, Cuba Exclusivo will transfer the money in US Dollars or Euros to the owner’s account. Any bank transfer costs incurred for this transaction are to be paid by the owner. It is also possible to transfer the amount in US Dollars or Euros to an account of a person authorised by the owner. The bank details provided by the owner are encrypted and are never saved on the internet in an unencrypted state.

Cuba Exclusivo uses different mechanisms to successfully market your holiday accommodation on interconnected platforms and social media. If Cuba Exclusivo makes special offers on the platforms that affect the price per night and room, the owner will continue to receive the price indicated during registration. Independently thereof, the owner can reduce the room rates for the off season, for example, or make special offers in the personal access of his website. If guests book during these offers, the owner will receive the price applicable for the period of his offers.

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