bus connections

Viazul is a subsidiary of the state-owned Cuban bus company ASTRO (Asociación de Servicios de Transportación por Omnibus Nacionales) which focuses on foreign tourists and operates a network of long-distance bus services. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Havana. All major tourism regions are approached as well as almost all provincial capitals along the Carretera Central. The tickets are paid in Peso convertibles.

The long-distance bus company for Cubans, for whom the tickets are paid in Moneda Nacional, is operated under the ASTRO brand and operates a denser and more frequented route network. Both companies use modern touring coaches of the brands Yutong (China) and Busscar (Brazil). According to company information, Viazul carried 711,000 passengers in 2009 with 223 drivers on 127 buses in 43,000 journeys, covering 11.6 million kilometers of road.

Your individual connection can be found here: https://viazul.wetransp.com/