Tips / Recommendations

The CUBA EXCLUSIVO team's goal is to make your Cuba vacation a fantastic experience, to tell your friends about it and to return there one day. Only if you return to your home country in a happy and relaxed way, you have got to know Cuba from its most beautiful side, then we are satisfied and Cuba benefits from a sustainable tourism. To achieve this, our German team as well as our local Cuban agencies are there to help you with the planning. All casa particulares registered on our platforms know our moral and ethical principles and have accepted them with their registration. Your positive rating on and is the guarantee for new customers for the owners of the casa particulares.

What you should pay attention to!
Of course you will be recognized as a tourist everywhere in Cuba. Accordingly, you will be offered in any place, mostly by young Cubans, a variety of help in the search for the booked Casa Particular, for a bar or restaurant, for a place of interest, etc.

But be beware:
These spontaneous offers are usually not unselfish. They can even be expensive. Because these middlemen earn commission on their successful placement, often in the background without you noticing it. In the end you pay up to 50 percent more than normal for your casa particular, your cocktail, your food etc.


  • If you arrive by car or taxi, compare the registration number of the house with the registration number on your booking confirmation, the number is identical.
  • Do not let a story influence you in front of the house, be sure to go in and present our booking confirmation.
  • Your hosts need to know your name because you are already registered.
  • If you arrive by bus (Viazul) and inform your Casa Particular about your arrival time in advance, you will be picked up at the bus station by the owner or a representative. He / she has a board with your name in his hand.
  • If you want to visit a restaurant or a bar, always drive or go there by yourself. Make sure that prices are shown in the menu. If the variations of „Camarones“ cost more than 8 to 9 CUC for example, then they have definitely given you a menu for tourists. Ask for a no-mission menu ("sin comisión") or just choose another restaurant. The same applies for cocktails for more than 3 to 4 CUC. Exceptions to this rule are hotels and partly upscale restaurants in Havana. If you see an offer for pizza on the street and there is a price of $ 10 shown, then that means 10 national Pesos, so only about 40 Centavos (CUC)!