Frequently asked questions

How do I find the apartments I have booked?
From the arrival airport it is recommended to go to the first accommodation by taxi. In Havana the journey from the airport to the city costs between 20 CUC and 25 CUC. If you intend to experience Cuba by rental car you should download an app, for example the MAPSME app, and a Cuba map as long as you are still in your home country. Using your smartphone you only need GPS in Cuba, then navigation will work. The agency at your current location informs the hosts of the next destination of your approximate arrival. If you travel by bus (VIAZUL) you will be picked up from the bus station. Please just inform the agent of the planned arrival time at the new destination. He will then inform your new host. If you travel with the so-called pickup taxi (taxi collectivo) please go to the Terminal de omnibus. Even then you will be picked up by your new hosts at the bus station. You will recognize your new hosts by signs with their names.

How save is Cuba?
Cuba is taken as one of the safest countries on the American continent. Even single or in groups travelling women may enjoy absolutly untroubled holidays. Nevertheless you should care for generally applicable safety regulations, for instance do not leave any valuable things unattended or do not take too much pocket money with you. Please leave any not required things in your appartment (casa), they are save there.

How do I recognize a licensed casa?
There is a blue sign outside the casa on which "Casa Particular" or "Arrendador divisas" is printed. Cases with a red sign are exclusively reserved for Cuban citizens.

Do I have to reserve casas prior to the journey?
It is recommendable if you wish to have recrative and carefree holidays. Please also bear in mind that the most popular casas are being rented very quickly. During the main season from October until May you should make a resevation in any case. We offer our Cuba-Flex progamme for the spontaneous ones amongst you. In this case you do reserve just the first accommodation and stay as long as you wish. One day prior to your planned next trip you inform our local agent about your next destination. And you get the reservation confirmation of your new accommodation prior to your departure.

Where do I find persons in charge of CUBA EXCLUSIVO?
Presently you will find our agencies in: Havanna, Vinales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Camagüey, Varadero, Holguin, Santiago, Baracoa. Your will get all details of your local contact person together with your booking confirmation.

Are landlords allowed to sign in their casa at Cuba Exclusivo?
Yes, this is possible. However, we will check each request prior to release. The entrance is absolutely for free for the landlords.
If you discover new interesting casas during your journey please do not hesitate to give us a tip.
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I want to critizise somewhat of a casa, what is to do?
Please inform us and describe the problem as detailed as possible. Ifcomplaints about a casa accrue it will disclosed from our list. In serious cases a deletion can be made immediately.

I am dissatisfied with the present casa - what shall I do?
Please do not "swallo and close your eyes". It is our biggest wish that you enjoy your holidays! If our local agent is not on site please send him/her a text message. They will immediately care of an alternative for you. After your return home please also explain us the circumstances in a message to This enables us to keep the requirements at a high level.

How about the medical care in Cuba during illness or accident?
Cuba has an extremely well-developed, comprehensive network of partially high qualified medical care. In the event of illness, you can be helped quickly and easily. However, tourists should have a foreign health insurance to cover any medical care costs. Highly recommended is e.g. the ADAC foreign medical care for a few Euros.

How to get to my next destination?
For backpackers or individual tourists, Cuba offers excellent transport conditions.
The road system is well developed. Your can use the following options:

  1. Air conditioned coaches (Viazul) You can book your ticket at
  2. Taxi collectivo (privat owned, up to 7 persons in Oldtimer cars)
  3. standard taxis (state-owned)
  4. Hitch-hiking (pur adventure)
  5. Domestic flights (north-south, island hopping) can be booked at
  6. Rent a car

Which payment methods are excepted in Cuba?
In Cuba presently there are two domestic currencies, the Peso Nacional and the Peso Convertible (CUC). The CUC has been introduced as substitute for US Dollar and is a general means of payment, it is accepted everywhere.
The exchange rate for teh Euro is based on the Euro Dollar rate. Nevertheless, it makes sense to exchange some money in Peso Nacional (CUC 1:25).

Accepted credit cards: VISA, Mastercard
Not possible!: EC- Cards, MAESTRO, American Express
With your VISA/ Mastercard, you may withdraw money from banks or ATM machines.
Card payments are only possible in hotels and some state shops.
We also recommend taking enough cash.
Cash may be exchanged in banks or the CADECA (Casa de Cambio).